Anthracyclines and Anthracenediones in the Management of Breast Cancer

  • J. A. Neidhart


Anthracyclines have now been used for treatment of breast cancer for almost two decades. The goal of prolonged life of good quality remains elusive for most women with cancer of the breast although our ability to palliate has improved greatly. We have learned a great deal, but much remains to be done. The anthracyclines continue to play a major role as new therapeutic approaches are developed. This chapter is not intended as a comprehensive review of the literature relating to anthracyclines and breast cancer. An attempt will be made to examine the state of the art and evolving treatment principles. In the interest of brevity and focus, representative works have been selected to support positions. Randomized studies are used preferentially if available. Apologies are due to the many fine investigations not mentioned that have contributed substantially to our present knowledge.


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