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Predictive Assays for the Individualization of Tumor Therapy

  • C. Streffer
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It is general clinical experience that the response of human tumors to any given therapeutic modality is very variable, even when the tumors treated are of the same clinical stage and histopathological grade. This is probably due to the intraindividual and to the interindividual heterogeneity of tumors (Sutherland 1988). Heterogeneity has been shown in regard to a number of biological characteristics: the DNA content of tumor cell lines, the number of S-phase cells, and the micromilieu with reference to pH balance, glucose content, and other biological factors can vary tremendously (Sutherland 1988; Barlogie et al. 1980; Tribukait and Gustafson 1980; Streffer et al. 1986). These biological parameters have great relevance to therapeutic response, as radiobiological studies have shown. Determination of such biological parameters is therefore necessary so that tumors can be better characterized as to their individual biological features, and an optimal selection of specific therapy modalities made on an individual basis. Such individualization of tumor therapy could improve the success of treatment.


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