Sacroiliac Joint

  • Cornelis J. P. Thijn
  • Jieldouw T. Steensma


Tuberculous affection of the sacroiliac joints is a disease of adults and has been described at rates ranging from 0.5%–4.2% [64, 109, 147]. In our patients 12 cases (2.6%) of this type of osseous tuberculosis were found, all in adult patients. Multifocal lesions proved to be present in eight of these patients (Fig. 117). Localizations were: two in the shoulder, one in elbow, one in spine, two in greater trochanter, one in knee, and one in ankle. Although most patients present with unilateral involvement of the sacroiliac joints, bilateral affection may also occur; this is present in one of our patients. The initial stages of joint affection are usually difficult to detect because of the specific anatomy of the joint and the superimposion with intestinal shadows. Radioisotope scans may be of help (Fig. 97).


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