Tuberculous Osteomyelitis

  • Cornelis J. P. Thijn
  • Jieldouw T. Steensma


In tuberculous osteomyelitis the disease is confined to an affected bone without involvement of an adjacent joint(s). In the tubular bones foci are localized in the epi/metaphysis or the diaphysis. Other manifestations of tuberculous osteomyelitis can be demonstrated in the flat bones (ribs, pelvic bones, skull, scapula) and at other sites, for example, in the greater trochanter. The frequency of tuberculous osteomyelitis has been reported at 3% [158] to 19% [109]. In our material the total incidence of tuberculous osteomyelitis of the greater trochanter, ribs, pelvic bones, sternum, and tubular bones together was 9%. Separate sections are devoted here to these localizations.


Great Trochanter Ischial Tuberosity Primary Bone Tumor Osseous Lesion Tubular Bone 
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