Traditional Indications for Laparoscopy

  • Giorgio Dagnini


Ascites has different causes, and the first step in making a diagnosis is to distinguish between transudative and exudative ascites, which are caused by completely different diseases, by examining the properties of the liquid, which can be withdrawn by means of exploratory abdominal puncture. In many cases ascites can be put into the context of a particular group of laboratory and instrumental symptoms and can therefore be satisfactorily interpreted. On other occasions, however, ascites is a single symptom or is associated with signs that are not particularly significant. So, where only clinical means are used, it is quite difficult to detect the disease causing the ascites, and laparoscopy has always been of value in its diagnosis.


Portal Hypertension Malignant Lymphoma Intrahepatic Cholestasis Parietal Peritoneum Cholestatic Hepatitis 
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