Biological Systems

  • Alessandro Bencini
  • Dante Gatteschi


The application of EPR to the study of magnetically coupled species in biological systems is one of the most intensively exploited fields at the moment, and almost every day new exciting examples are reported. Therefore, here more than in any other section, we will not be able to give exhaustive coverage of the area, but simply will report those examples which seem to us to be more appropriate, interesting, and worthy of attention. The whole field has already been covered by a number of review articles [9.1–4], to which the interested reader is invited to refer. Also, given the necessity of using a number of related techniques in order to obtain a good understanding of the complex matter, it may prove useful to consider other related magnetic techniques, such as nuclear magnetic resonance [9.5–7], ENDOR [9.8], magnetically perturbed Mossbauer spectroscopy [9.9–10], etc. Indeed, in the following sections we will frequently refer to the last mentioned technique, which has proved to be extremely useful for the characterization of iron proteins.


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