The Application of High Mass FAB Mass Spectrometry to Molecular Biology

  • Howard R. Morris
  • Anne Dell
  • Maria Panico
  • Roy McDowell
  • Ashraf Chatterjee


Modern research in molecular biology is devoted to the study of the structures of biopolymers and their interactions with each other and with low molecular weight substrates - the phenomenon of Molecular Recognition - the processes which give functionality to living systems. A deep understanding of the functions of these macromolecules must depend upon understanding the chemistry of these interactions, which itself demands definition of their structures in three dimensions, the fundamental pre-requisite being the basic primary or covalent stucture of the molecule. Mass spectrometry has played an important role in biopolymer analysis for some twenty years now, in particular in protein sequence analysis where it is complementary to classical gas phase Edman sequencing, but also in the analysis of post-translational modifications where classical methods cannot give definitive data. The necessity for accurate protein sequence analysis in molecular biology has never been greater, providing a stark contrast to predictions of obsolescence in the early 1970s when the power of the nucleotide sequencing methods was recognised.


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  • Howard R. Morris
    • 1
  • Anne Dell
    • 1
  • Maria Panico
    • 1
  • Roy McDowell
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  • Ashraf Chatterjee
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  1. 1.Department of BiochemistryImperial College of Science and TechnologyLondonUK

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