The Need for a Generic Framework for Systems Integration

  • R. H. Weston
  • J. D. Gascoigne
  • C. M. Sumpter
  • A. Hodgson
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 53)


This paper outlines the need for a widely accepted generic framework for systems integration within manufacturing enterprises. The provisions of this framework would form a basis for the specification of integration projects and sub-components such as software packages in order to permit the interchange, reconfiguration, expansion and transferability of the whole or part solutions so generated. The overall aim is to allow a logical mapping of integration tools, implementations and solutions to physical resources at all phases from manufacturing system inception to operation so enabling rapid and cost-effective response to changes in products, markets, enabling technologies and manufacturing methodologies.

The discussion is based on the findings of systems integration studies at Loughborough University of Technology aimed at a flexible and adaptable approach to product realisation in electronic industries. More specifically, research findings are reported with respect to:
  1. (i)

    the need to proceed from a position of existing installed bases of manufacturing machines and operations, both automated and manual,

  2. (ii)

    the integration of the activities of contemporary proprietary software packages with specific reference to production planning and control, and

  3. (iii)

    the provision of an environment for the definition and realisation of interaction, synchronisation and organisation between manufacturing entities.

The approaches studied incorporate OSI computer network methodologies and products in the role of an underlying communication “utility”.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • R. H. Weston
    • 1
  • J. D. Gascoigne
    • 1
  • C. M. Sumpter
    • 1
  • A. Hodgson
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Manufacturing EngineeringLoughborough University of TechnologyLoughborough , LeicesterEngland

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