Immune Response to Oral Salmonella Vaccines

  • A. Tagliabue
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Infections by Salmonella species still represent a public health problem throughout the world. Typhoid fever, the disease induced by S. typhi, remains one of the most common infections in developing countries, which may lead to death, particularly if associated with malnutrition. An incidence has been reported of 540 typhoid cases/100,000 (0.5%) inhabitants in the developing countries, with a total annual estimate of 12.5 million cases in the world (excluding China) (Edelman and Levine 1986). On the other hand, salmonellosis outbreaks caused by S. typhimurium, S. enteritidis, and other species are often observed in developed countries, sometimes as a consequence of modern habits in alimentation (kitchens catering for large numbers of people, microwave ovens, etc.). Thus, an effective and safe vaccine against Salmonellae is still considered a high priority by WHO in its Vaccine Development Programme.


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