Isolation of Nuclei and Their Transplantation into Plant Protoplasts

  • P. K. Saxena
  • J. King
Part of the Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry book series (AGRICULTURE, volume 9)


During the last two decades, attempts have been made to use isolated plant nuclei as vehicles for gene transfer (see Potrykus and Lörz 1976; Giles 1978; Lörz 1985). The transfer of isolated nuclei provides an opportunity to study the interactions of a foreign nucleus with the organelles of a host in an unmodified cytoplasm or to combine two genotypes without encountering the barrier of cytoplasmic incompatibility, a distinct advantage over methods employing the fusion of two entire protoplasts. Questions such as those having to do with cytoplasmic sterility or the origin of transferred traits (nuclear vs. cytoplasmic) can also be addressed using nuclear transplantation.


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