Evaluation of the Ligaments

  • Michael Strobel
  • Hans-Werner Stedtfeld


A critical question in evaluation of knee injuries concerns the integrity of the capsuloligamentous structures. It is particularly important to exclude an injury of the cruciate ligaments, because an undetected rupture can lead to significant intraarticular damage that is exceedingly difficult to treat [234, 285, 441, 466, 470]. It must be considered that ligament stability is not an end in itself but a prerequisite to achieving integral joint function with adequate closure and stability of the articular surfaces during movement.


Torque Immobilization Osteoarthritis Prednisone Tated 


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  • Hans-Werner Stedtfeld
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  2. 2.Fachabteilung UnfallchirurgieStädtisches Klinikum, Zentrum ChirurgieNürnbergGermany

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