Experience with Hypoallergenic Formulas in the Treatment of Food Allergy in Infancy

  • R. M. Bertele-Harms
  • H. K. Harms
Conference paper


Food allergy manifests itself in infancy as a malabsorption syndrome following small-intestinal mucosal injury, caused by a complex immunological process, or it is an exclusively IgE-mediated allergy in which the morphology and function of the small intestinal mucosa is hardly affected, and malabsorption is not of primary significance. Consequently, the various treatment requirements of the dystrophic infant a few weeks old, who has not been breast fed and presents with malabsorption and damage to the mucosa, are higher and more complex than for the purely IgE-mediated form, for which a selective diet is normally sufficient.


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  • H. K. Harms

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