MR and Radionuclear Bone Scan in Evaluation of Spinal Metastases

  • G. Krol
  • S. Yeh
  • G. Sze
  • L. Ginsberg
Conference paper


Radionuclear bone scan is presently a widely accepted method of screening for skeletal metastases. Infiltrative lesions of the bone marrow have abnormal metabolism and are depicted as areas of increased or decreased concentration of activity. Demonstration of marrow abnormalities by MR is based on a replacement of a fat tissue by an infiltrative process, giving rise to a decreased intensity of the involved areas, as opposed to a relatively high intensity of the normal vertebra. The aim of this investigation is a comparison of these two modalities in the detection of the spine pathology in patients with suspected metastases.


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  • G. Krol
  • S. Yeh
  • G. Sze
  • L. Ginsberg

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