Diagnosis of Vertebrospinal Vascular Malformations: 10 Years of Experience

  • J. Stojanović
  • A. Kamler
  • K. Čavka
  • A. Jušić
  • M. Šoštarko
  • N. Thaller
  • A. Mandić
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Vertebrospinal AVMs are classified according to their clinical, topographic, pathoanatomic, and hemodynamic characteristics. Perman (1926), Töpfer (1928), Bailey and Bucy (1929), Junghanns (1932), Schmorl and Junghanns (1971), Djindjian et al. (1981), Stojanović et al. (1985), Laredo et al. (1986), Merland et al. (1987), Thron (1988), and many others gave descriptions of vertebral angioma based on standard rtg view radiographs, CT findings, and spinal angiography. Djindjan et al. (1981) classified vertebral angiomas into three types of vascular anomalies (A,B,C), mainly upon their angiographic appearance. Laredo et al. (1988) and Merland et al. (1987) divided vertebral angiomas into a group with and a group without symptoms. Extension into the spinal canal can be expected in the group with symptoms. Owing to the above-mentioned criteria, differentiation between clinically silent vertebral angiomas and those responsible for spinal cord compression is possible.


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  • J. Stojanović
  • A. Kamler
  • K. Čavka
  • A. Jušić
  • M. Šoštarko
  • N. Thaller
  • A. Mandić

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