MR Post-Diskectomy Imaging

  • M. Resta
  • F. Dicuonzo
  • A. Lorusso
  • A. Carella
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The failed back surgery syndrome is a frequent condition. Burton [2] reported the incidence of the syndrome to be 10%–40%. This may involve disk herination (12%–16%), lateral spinal stenosis (58%), central spinal stenosis (7%–14%), arachnoiditis (6%-16%), or epidural fi-brosis (6%–8%). The crucial problem is the distinction between epidural scar and recurrent disk herniation, because only reoperation on recurrent disk herniation leads to a good surgical result.


Tral Gadolinium DTPA Spondylolisthesis Resta 


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  • M. Resta
  • F. Dicuonzo
  • A. Lorusso
  • A. Carella

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