Tissue Characterization by NMR Tissue Parameters Results in 160 Patients with Brain Tumours

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In MRI each tissue is characterized by three different parameters: relaxation times T1 and T2, and proton density PD. A reliable tissue characterization is possible if each tissue can be represented by its own region in a three-dimensional space involving the parameters T1, T2, and PD. To evaluate the diagnostic potential of NMR tissue parameters we investigated 160 patients with brain tumors. For simultaneous measurement of T1 , T2, and PD we used an interlaced triple CPMG sequence with three different recovery times (320, 640, 1920 ms) and eight echoes/sequences (34 ms < TE < 272 ms). Good agreement with spectrometer measurements of phantoms and small interindividual deviations of tissue parameters of white matter prove the excellent accuracy and reproducibility of the method. In contrast to former clinical studies the simultaneous evaluation of T1, T2, and PD exploits the full quantitative potential of tissue characterization by MRI.


Meningioma Astrocytoma Neuroma Craniopharyngiomas 

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