Specificity of CT Diagnosis Assessed by Stereotaxic Brain Biopsy. A Retrospective Analysis of 180 Cases

  • B. Dietrich
  • F. Alesch
Conference paper


Since CT has been employed as a clinical tool the aim has been not only to localize an intracranial lesion but also to come to a specific diagnosis by careful analysis of the entire criteria (Kazner et al. 1978; Nadjmi et al. 1981). The original expectations that a reliable CT diagnosis could be arrived at by subjective and objective analysis of densities before and after intravenous contrast and all other criteria were not fullfilled. The aim of the study is a critical retrospective assessment of CT specificity confirmed by stereotaxic biopsy on a sample of intracranial lesions.


Histological Diagnosis Intravenous Contrast Cerebral Lesion Intracranial Lesion Anaplastic Glioma 
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  • B. Dietrich
  • F. Alesch

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