CT and MR Imaging of Lesions of Skull Base and Cranial Vault

  • Claus Claussen
  • Rudolf Fahlbusch
  • Roland Felix
  • Thomas Grumme
  • Jürgen Heinzerling
  • José R. Iglesias-Rozas
  • Ekkehard Kazner
  • Konrad Kretzschmar
  • Michael Laniado
  • Wolfgang Lanksch
  • Wibke Müller-Forell
  • Thomas Hans Newton
  • Wolfgang Schörner
  • Gerhard Schroth
  • Barbara Schulz
  • Otto Stochdorph
  • Gordon Sze
  • Sigurd Wende


The importance of CT in examinations of the skull base, including its role in the planning of operative or radiation therapy, has long been recognized (Liliequist and Forsell 1976; Bradac et al. 1977 a, b; 1978 a, b; Hammerschlag et al. 1977; Caillé et al. 1977; Lohkamp et al. 1977; Huk and Schiefer 1978; Becker et al. 1978; Weinstein et al. 1978). In the present chapter we shall review the capabilities and limitations of this modality in the diagnosis of diseases involving the bony skull base and cranial vault. A more detailed discussion of specific tumor types may be found under the appropriate headings elsewhere in the book.


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