The Representation and Processing of Knowledge

  • Peter Schnupp
  • Chau Thuy Nguyen Huu
  • Lawrence W. Bernhard
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The Ticket Information System illustrated a number of different components and functions of an expert system: the knowledge base, containing the existing knowledge in a declarative form, the goal-oriented processing and case-oriented supplementing of this knowledge according to the control structure described and finally the explanatory element, which explicated responses and queries on the part of the system on demand, based on an internal, running protocol of the dialog being conducted. We are certain that this little system has left the reader with any number of questions. For instance, as to the system architecture: Where or how are the various data structures and functions localized, and how do they interact with one another? Or with respect to the representation and processing of the knowledge built into the system: Are there theoretical or practical “laws” or circumstances dictating the form of knowledge representation or the strategy for knowledge processing selected, or could one have just as well realized these quite differently. And finally, perhaps a question of technique: Does one design and implement an expert system in the same manner as traditional software or are other methods involved? This chapter will be dealing with these and related questions, laying the foundation for more complex sample systems to come.


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