Contact Dermatitis in a Shamrock Painter

  • P. Podmore
Conference paper


A 30-year-old pottery worker presented with a localised patch of vesicular eczema on the palmar aspect of her right hand. Treatment with topical steroids resulted in clearance, but it subsequently recurred. She had recently returned to work after maternity leave, and prior to this she had had no problems with her hands. In her past history, she had suffered from psoriasis on her legs and chronic blepharitis with lower eyelid eczema. She also had a 4- to 5-year history of nickel intolerance, in that she was unable to tolerate cheap earrings.

Key words

Fat oil Pottery worker Turpentine Cobalt Pigments 


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  • P. Podmore
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  1. 1.Altnagelvin Area HospitalLondonderryNorthern Ireland, UK

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