Time-Series Analysis of Psychoanalytic Treatment Processes: Sampling Problems and First Findings in a Single Case

  • Hans-Joachim Grünzig


For several years our research group at Ulm University has been investigating long-term psychoanalytic treatment processes. The principal data base consists of tape-recorded treatment sessions with subsequent verbatim transcriptions (see Kächele et al. 1973; Kächele et al. 1975; Kächele et al., this volume). There are of course many different problems to be solved, only one of which is the focus of this contribution. The verbatim transcription of the tape-recorded psychotherapeutic dialogue is an extraordinarily time consuming endeavor; it takes approximately 15 to 20 hours to transcribe one 50-minute session but the transcribing permits subsequent computerized studies. For economic reasons long-term psychoanalytic treatments extending over several hundreds of sessions can therefore be investigated only by means of time sampling.


Therapy Session Consecutive Session Serial Dependency Random Shock Partial Autocorrelation Function 
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