Physics of Stationary Plasmas

  • Akira Hasegawa
  • Tetsuya Sato
Part of the Physics and Chemistry in Space book series (SPACE, volume 16)


This chapter is devoted to introducing the elementary physics of stationary plasmas in the space environment. Space plasma is basically tenuous, that is, the mean free path is generally comparable to or longer than the scale length of any inhomogeneity. Furthermore, the scale lengths of the inhomogeneities are often much larger than the characteristic scale length of plasma parameters such as the Debye length or Larmor radius (see Sect. 1.4 for the definitions). Under these circumstances, the motion of individual particles under the assumption of infinitely small Larmor radii (guiding center motion, see Sect. 1.7) is important in deciding how the plasma particles move in the space environment.


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  2. 2.Institute for Fusion TheoryHiroshima UniversityNakaku, HiroshimaJapan

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