Serotonergic Cells in the Chicken Retina

  • T. J. Millar
  • I. G. Morgan
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Although sertonin-accumulating cells have been found in the retinas of most vertebrate species (Osborne ’84; Redburn ’5), it is only in non-mammals that endogenous serotonin (5HT) has been detected by immunohistochemical techniques (Weiler & Schutte ’85a, ’85b; Schutte & Weiler ’87; Millar et al ’87). Consequently there is controversy over the role of 5HT as a retinal neurotransmitter. Commonly, only 5HT-accumulating amacrine cells have been detected but in a few species 5HT-accumulating bipolar cells have also been reported (Osborne ’85; Sandell & Masland ’86). In the turtle and chicken, serotonin-like immunoreactivity (5HTLI) has been found in subpopulations of both amacrine and bipolar cells without preloading or other pharmacological manipulation of the retina (Weiler & Schutte ’85a; Millar et al ’87).


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  • I. G. Morgan
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  2. 2.Vision Research Institute Research School of Biological SciencesAustralian National UniversityCanberraAustralia

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