Experience with the Development of a Group-Contribution Equation of State for the Prediction of Physical Properties for Process Engineering Purposes

  • Heiner W. Landeck
  • Hans F. Kistenmacher
Conference paper


The PFGC group-contribution equation of state as an example of a promising method to solve industrial application problems for complex mixtures containing non-polar, polar, associating, sub- and supercritical components, has been used to demonstrate the following aspects of general interest:
  • The industrial requirements for improved physical properties prediction methods, and the range of molecular com, lexity of mixtures encountered in gas purification processes, are discussed.

  • A general strategy for the preselection of physical property prediction methods, and especially those for testing equations of state or group- contribution equations of state, has been developed. The industrial boundary conditions which determine success or failure are given.

  • A general multiproperty-multicomponent-multiphase strategy to be used for the fit of the parameters of equations of state or group-contribution equations is proposed.

For the PFGC group-contribution equation of state the investigations have the following specific results:
  • The PFGC method has many fundamental weaknesses.

  • The original PFGC method does not work for industrial applications with sufficient accuracy.

From an industrial point of view, a group-contribution equation of state is still required for all types of molecular interactions and all areas of applications.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Heiner W. Landeck
    • 1
  • Hans F. Kistenmacher
    • 1
  1. 1.Division TVT MunichLINDE AGHoellriegelskreuthFederal Republic of Germany

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