One and Multidimensional Numerical Interpolation Methods

  • Peter Jochum
Conference paper


Given the interpolation points (xi,fi) (“knots”) we search for coefficients ai satisfying the interpolation condition [6]:
$${\rm{I(}}{{\rm{a}}_{\rm{o}}}{\rm{, \ldots ,}}{{\rm{a}}_{\rm{n}}}\,{\rm{;}}\,{{\rm{x}}_{\rm{i}}}{\rm{)}}\,{\rm{ = }}\,{{\rm{f}}_{{\rm{i}}\,{\rm{,}}\,}}\,{\rm{i}}\,\,{\rm{ = }}\,\,{\rm{0, \ldots ,m}}\,\,{\rm{(m}}\,{\rm{ = }}\,{\rm{n),}}\,{\rm{where}}\,{{\rm{x}}_{\rm{i}}}\, \in \,{{\rm{R}}^{\rm{N}}}\,{\rm{and}}\,{{\rm{f}}_{\rm{i}}}\, \in \,{\rm{R}}\,{\rm{(R}}\,{\rm{ = }}\,{\rm{real}}\,{\rm{space)}}{\rm{.}}$$


Interpolation Problem Interpolation Point Interpolation Space Interpolation Condition Data Perturbation 
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