Recent Results from Nikko at TRISTAN

  • K. Kinoshita
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The search for elementary particles with electromagnetic couplings deviating significantly from the electron charge e has been strongly motivated by theory. In particular, the correlation noted by Dirac in 193l[l] between the quantization of electric and magnetic charge implied the existence of magnetic monopoles with charge in units \(gD \equiv {e \over {2\alpha }} \sim 68.5e.\) Our understanding of the elementary particles and their interactions has evolved dramatically since that time, but the original hypothesis still stands, unconfirmed yet not ruled out by experimental data. From a theoretical point of view, recent trends indicate a preference toward very massive monopoles, well beyond the reach of any accelerator. Although these models are elegant, they are unfortunately difficult to test experimentally, and the few tests which have been employed have thus far failed to support them. In such a context it is important to pursue alternative possibilities, to probe as much unexplored area as is feasible within technological and practical limits.


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