Direct Photon Production in pp Collider Experiments

  • Graham Thompson
Conference paper


This paper constitutes a review of three recent analyses of high energy pp collider data in which photons produced directly in hard scatter interactions are observed. Techniques of establishing the signal of these “prompt” photons over the background from hadronic decays are discussed. Differential cross-sections are presented as a function of pseudo-rapidity, η, out to transverse energies as high as 100 GeV and they are found to agree with O(α s 2 ) expectations of QCD theory. This also successfully accounts for the predominant event topology, the angular distribution of the photon and, qualitatively, for other features of the rest of the event.


Transverse Energy Direct Photon Electromagnetic Shower Charged Multiplicity Fixed Target Experiment 
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  • Graham Thompson
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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsQueen Mary CollegeLondonGreat Britain

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