Tensor Mesons and Gluonium of QCD

  • S. Narison
Conference paper


We review the QCD spectral sum rules predictions for the masses, couplings <0|θµv|T> and mixing angle of the tensor mesons and gluonium of QCD. Meson masses and splittings are obtained with the standard values of the QCD parameters deduced from the pseudoscalar and vector meson systems. The gluonium mass is found to be (1.7±0.1)GeV in embarrassing agreement with the ?-meson seen in ? decay experiments. Meson-Gluonium mixing angle is estimated to be small ≃ - 10°. The meson couplings are used into a low-energy theorem in order either to measure the fraction of pion momentum carried by the u and d quarks or to study the 8 decays into pairs of Goldstone bosons. In this approach, the enhancement of the 9 into KK versus the 9 into ΠΠ width as seen in ?-decay experiments can occur.


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  • S. Narison
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  1. 1.LPM - USTLMontpellierFrance
  2. 2.CERNGenevaSwitzerland

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