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My first very pleasant duty today—and I trust I am speaking on behalf of everyone in the audience—is to extend sincere thanks to the organizers of this, the 24th International Conference on High Energy Physics in the Rochester series. Organizing and running an international meeting of this size and nature is far from simple. It requires a high degree of dedication, meticulous attention to detail and unsparing effort on the part of very many people, not just over the days of the conference but for weeks and months beforehand. Of the many people, from the Max Planck Institute and from the University of Munich, who contributed to the conference organization, some you have seen at the desks, but many have been working unseen, behind the scenes. To all of them, we are indebted for a wonderfully well-run conference. In particular, we owe a special debt to the Chairman and Secretary of the Organizing Committee, Professors Buschhorn and Pretzl. We have to thank everyone who worked so hard to organize this meeting, for an outstandingly successful conference, upholding so well the traditions of the conferences of earlier years, and most of all for making us feel so welcome here in Munich.


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