Endosonographic Procedures

  • Gerhard Bernaschek
  • Josef Deutinger
  • Alfred Kratochwil


The obvious advantages of endosonography give it a large range of potential applications. Vaginosonography and hysterosonography are of particular interest in obstetrics and gynecology, although rectosonography and cystosonography, long practiced routinely in urology (Watanabe et al. 1974, 1977; Holm and Northeved 1974; Gammelgard and Holm 1980), also offer significant advantages in examinations of the female pelvis. Other endosonographic procedures, such as transesophageal sonography of the heart (Strohm et al. 1980; Reifart and Strohm 1982) and transgastric or transduodenal scanning of the pancreas, porta hepatis, gastric wall, and other upper abdominal organs (Lutz and Rosch 1976; Yamanaka et al. 1982), with the possible exception of laparoscopic applications, do not expand the spectrum of ultrasound diagnosis in obstetrics and gynecology.


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