Endosonographically Guided Punctures

  • Gerhard Bernaschek
  • Josef Deutinger
  • Alfred Kratochwil


Culdocentesis was an important diagnostic procedure before the advent of laparoscopy, but its importance has diminished with routine use. Before the advent of vaginosonographically guided follicular aspiration, endosonography played only a minor role as a means of directing invasive procedures in gynecologic patients, although some attempts were made to obtain cytologic or histologic confirmation of pelvic wall recurrence of cervical cancer using an endosonographically guided needle. The use of vaginosonography to demonstrate structures in the lesser pelvis has shown that a needle inserted vaginally must travel only a short distance to reach the ovaries. Because the ovaries are usually located very close to the vaginal wall in the region of the cul-de-sac, the vaginal approach offers an obvious solution to the problem of the “long-distance” aspiration.


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