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Insulin Regulation of Metabolism Relevant to Gluconeogenesis

  • R. Bressler
  • J. J. Bahl
Part of the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology book series (HEP, volume 92)


In this chapter the role of insulin in the regulation of intermediary metabolism relevant to gluconeogenesis and the glucostat function of the liver will be reviewed. Changes in plasma blood glucose levels are moderated by the actions of the liver primarily under the control of insulin and glucagon. Minimizing hyperglycemic and preventing hypoglycemic states requires short- and long-term regulation of hepatic and peripheral metabolism. An appreciation continues to develop of how the relevant biochemical pathways are regulated acutely at the level of enzyme activity and chronically through gene expression. Understanding the role of insulin in regulating the relevant intermediary metabolism requires discussion of hepatic glucose catabolism and anabolism and knowledge of the antagonistic actions of insulin and glucagon which are inseparable from the physiological functioning of the liver to maintain normal levels of blood glucose.


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