Secondary Plant Substances

Nonsteroidal Triterpenoids
  • Horst-Robert Schütte
Part of the Progress in Botany/Fortschritte der Botanik book series (BOTANY, volume 50)


Triterpenoids are a group of natural products containing a carbon skeleton of 30 carbon atoms based on 6 isoprene units or biosynthetically derived from such C30 compounds by degradation. Therefore, also the steroids and their precursors belong to the triterpenoids, but traditionally they are considered as a special group. Recent results on the biochemistry of steroids were discussed last year (Progr Bot 49:117 ff). Nonsteroidal triterpenoids are mainly restricted to the plant kingdom, but are ubiquitous amongst the flowering plants (Basu and Rastogi 1967; Kulshreshtha et al. 1972; Brüning and Wagner 1978; Chandler and Hooper 1979; Pant and Rastogi 1979; Das and Mahato 1983; Tanaka and Kasai 1984; Boar 1984; Baas 1985; Conolly and Hill 1986). The majority of natural triterpenes are pentacyclic compounds. Most of them are alcohols (3-OH). They are found free and as glycosides or esters. Free triterpenes are often components of resins or latex. There are some discussions on a role of pentacyclic 3 β-hydroxy-triterpenes in membrane systems (Nes and Heftmann 1981).


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