Systematics of the Bryophytes

  • Jan-Peter Frahm
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A recent contribution to the discussion on the phylogeny of bryophytes was given at the III. International Congress of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Sussex in 1985. The interrelationships of the groups of bryophytes, as well as the relations to algae and pteridophytes, were discussed under the different aspects of anatomy, ultrastructure, cytology, chemistry and numeric taxonomy. The proceedings have been published in the Journal of Bryology Vol. 14, 1 (1986). For details see Crandall-Stotler (1986), Duckett (1986), Newton (1986a), Asakawa (1986) and Mishler (1986) or the summarized results under 2d), 2e), 5 and 7 of this chapter.


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