The Abelson Protein Is Required for Initiation and Maintenance for Transformation in Murine Pre-B Cells

  • A. Engelman
  • N. Rosenberg
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Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 141)


Abelson murine leukemia virus (Ab-MLV) is a replication defective retrovirus that carries the onc gene abl. The virus induces a rapid thymus-independent lymphoma in vivo under most conditions and transforms cells related to pre-B lymphocytes in vitro (reviewed in Rosenberg and Witte, 1988). The Abelson protein, the sole product of the virus, is a protein tyrosine kinase and expression of an enzymatically active Abelson protein is required for transformation (Rosenberg and Witte, 1988). Recent analyses of temperature sensitive (ts) mutants of Ab-MLV have indicated that expression of an active Abelson protein is also required for maintenance of NIH 3T3 cell transformation (Engelman and Rosenberg, 1987; Kipreos et al., 1987; Takemori et al., 1987). In addition, Abelson protein expression appears to play a role in maintaining the relatively undifferentiated state of some Ab-MLV-transformed lymphoid cells (Takemori et al., 1987).


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