Poster Session: A Search System of Generic Names in the List of Existing Chemical Substances of Japan with Generic Structures

  • Yoshihiro Kudo
Conference paper


A prototype system is designed to treat specific and generic names in the List of Existing Chemical Substances gazetted by the Japanese Government on the basis of a policy for searching such mixed types of representations for a particular substance or a group of substances in terms of structural formulae. Some functions of the system have been developed separately. The system is designed under a policy that a name in the List should be interpreted as widely as possible since it is legal rather than scientific. To cover broad names, two tactics are combined: to describe a name with a set of generic structural formulae described with such generic terms as alkyl, and to draw a structural formula of a broad name by merging more than one specific structural formula on the basis the principle of the coloured complete graph. For easy operation, the present system provides a function of automated derivation of a set of structural formulae as a query from a structural formula drawn by a user. The unique function releases user from reluctant study of a complicated set of ad hoc rules and jargons that hold only within a local system. Satisfactory results have been obtained.


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  • Yoshihiro Kudo
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  1. 1.Yamagata UniversityYonezawa, Yamagata 992Japan

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