The Chilwa Alkaline Igneous Province of Malawi: A Review

  • A. R. Woolley


The Chilwa Province of igneous rocks, which is located in southern Malawi and extends into adjacent parts of Mocambique, is of outstanding geological interest in three particular respects. Firstly, it encompasses a considerable range of rock types including carbonatites and nephelinites, nepheline syenites and peralkaline syenites and granites. Basic rocks, excluding the carbonatites, are extremely scarce. Secondly, the province is essentially an intrusive one, in contrast to much of the igneous activity associated with the East African Rift system which, at the present level of exposure, is predominantly extrusive. Thirdly, it was within this province that carbonatites were first recognized in Africa, while ultra-potassic fenites were first described from this area.


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