Fragmentation Patterns for Anion Radicals in Carboxylic Acids

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The thermal fragmentation of anion radicals present after X-irradiation of crystalline acetic acid and acetic acid-d4 has been investigated by means of ESR. The following reaction has been observed: $$\rm CD_3COOD^- \rightarrow CD_3CO + OD^-$$ Previous results show tnat carboxylic acid anion radicals containing additional functional groups (-OH, -Cl, -Br, NH2-) decompose by elimination of water, halogen ion and ammonia, respectively.


Carboxylic Acid Anion Radical Reduction Product 3COO Radical Thermal Fragmentation 
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  • A. Lund
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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsIFM, University of LinköpingLinköpingSweden

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