Nuclear Structure in the Zr Region: Some Introductory Remarks

  • K. Heyde
Conference paper
Part of the Research Reports in Physics book series (RESREPORTS)


The study of the A≃100 mass region, or better of the Zr region, is a very specific choice that was made by the organisers. Therefore, all of you present here are specialists in one or another aspect of this interesting mass region and will talk and discuss about it. In that respect, my contribution will be more of setting the scene, giving a number of introductory remarks and some specific thoughts of mine that are definitely somewhat biased. I would like to concentrate on the present state-of-the art of our understanding concerning the nuclei in the Zr region and point out a number of severe problems that are still around. Problems that hopefully will get an answer by the next time we could meet around such a topical mass region workshop.


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