On the Analogy of Anomalous Viscous Fingers with Crystalline Dendrites

  • Y. Couder
Part of the Springer Series in Synergetics book series (SSSYN, volume 41)


Saffman Taylor fingering and dendritic growth are, at first sight, very different physical processes. The first phenomenon corresponds to the instability of a moving fluid interface while the second is observed during crystallization at the interface where phase transition occurs. The patterns formed in the two experiments usually look very different. It was soon noticed however that there were strong analogies and only a few differences between the equations describing the destabilization of both types of fronts. In fact as the equations resemble each other, it is rather the differences in behaviour which need to be understood. It is the purpose of the present article to show that it is possible experimentally to obtain viscous fingers which are very close analogues of the crystalline dendrites. The means by which these fingers are obtained is by creating a local disturbance of their tip. This is in good agreement with the recent theoretical progress on the singular role of surface tension acting at the tip of viscous fingers.


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