Modulation of Glial Cell Response to Injury and CNS Regeneration

  • M. Schwartz
  • A. Cohen
  • A. Harel
  • A. Solomon
  • M. Belkin


Axonal injury initiates a cellular response in the non-neuronal cells surrounding the axons. This response includes proliferation of certain non-neuronal cells and infiltration of scavenger cells such as macrophages. For years it was accepted that this cellular response impedes regeneration due to the mechanical barrier created by the proliferating cells which make up scar tissue. The experimental evidence in this direction is not conclusive and it is not clear whether the lack of growth evolves from a barrier or from a deficiency in supportive elements.


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  • A. Cohen
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  • A. Harel
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  • A. Solomon
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  • M. Belkin
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