Path- and Homefinding of Regenerating Retinal Axons in Goldfish

  • C. A. O. Stuermer


The reformation of the retinotopic map by regenerating goldfish retinal axons has been well documented with behavioral and electrophysiological techniques (reviews: by Jacobson 1978; Gaze 1978). To account for the reliability with which regenerating axons return to their retinotopic target sites in tectum, Sperry (1963) proposed that “cells and fibers must carry some kind of individual identification tags, presumably cytochemical in nature, by which they are distinguished one from another almost to the level of the single neuron”. In their classical anatomical paper, Attardi and Sperry (1963) conveyed the view that regenerating axons follow their old pathways and proceed directly to their prespecified loci on tectum by 4 weeks after nerve section.


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