Structural Studies on Crystals of Ribosomal Particles

  • A. Yonath
  • H. G. Wittmann


Ribosomes, the universal cell organelles on which protein biosynthesis takes place, consist of two subunits which associate upon initiation of the biosynthetic process. Each ribosomal subunit is a defined assembly of proteins and ribonucleic acid chains. A typical bacterial ribosome, e.g. that of Escherichia coli, has a molecular weight of 2.300.000 Dalton. Its large (50S) subunit is of 1.450.000 Dalton and consists of 33 different proteins and 2 RNA chains. The small subunit (30S) is of 850.000 Dalton and contains 21 proteins and 1 RNA chain (Wittmann, 1982).


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  • H. G. Wittmann
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