Prevention of Typhoid Fever by Single-Dose Capsular Polysaccharide Vaccination — 2-Year Results

  • K. P. Klugman
  • H. Vosloo
  • L. Arntzen
  • H. J. Koornhof


Typhoid fever is endemic in the tropical areas of Central and South America, Asia and Africa. While the prevalence of disease has been greatly reduced in first world countries [8] largely due to the development of protected water supplies and sewerage disposal systems, the provision of these basic facilities is rare in third world countries, and the prevention of typhoid fever by these means is not an immediate prospect. Typhoid vaccination is therefore an important way to prevent this disease in both travellers to these endemic areas and the local population themselves.


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  • K. P. Klugman
  • H. Vosloo
  • L. Arntzen
  • H. J. Koornhof

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