Deformation Monitoring of Mt. Erebus, Antarctica, 1980–1985

  • G. H. Blick
  • P. M. Otway
  • B. J. Scott
Part of the IAVCEI Proceedings in Volcanology book series (VOLCANOLOGY, volume 1)


Deformation studies of the summit area of Mt. Erebus, Antarctica, commenced in December 1980. Triangulation and tilt-levelling networks have been surveyed annually, in conjunction with the International Mount Erebus Seismic Studies (IMESS) project.

Only minor deformation has been detected. Measurements from the triangulation network on the summit indicate cumulative expansion of approximately 50 mm across the crater. Most of this appears to have occurred in 1982 and 1984, the latter period coinciding with increased volcanic activity. Tilts of more than 15 microradians/yr have been recorded on several of the tilt-levelling patterns, but their directions appear random and do not correlate with volcanic activity. Tilts recorded during 1985 are larger than those recorded previously. The significance of this is not yet understood. They are thought to be due to local ground instability rather than to volcanic deformation.


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  • G. H. Blick
  • P. M. Otway
  • B. J. Scott
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  1. 1.Department of Scientific and Industrial ResearchN.Z. Geological SurveyLower HuttNew Zealand

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