Running the Model

  • J. W. Baretta
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 71)


In the following chapters the model results are presented and discussed following the same structure as in Part II, by submodel. In the final chapter, an overview is given of the model as a whole. To ensure that exactly the same model version, identical down to the last parameter value, is presented in each of these chapters, we have adopted the concept of the “standard” run of the model. This is less trivial than it might seem, because each simulation run with the model requires the specification of initial conditions for all state variables (33) in the five compartments, and the setting of hundreds of physiological coefficients, all of them having an extended range of possible values. Added to this is the variability in the annual time series for the boundary conditions, such as fresh water discharges by the rivers Ems and Westerwoldsche Aa. Then there are forcing functions such as irradiance and temperature, which vary considerably from year to year.


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