Results and Analysis of the Pelagic Submodel

  • J. W. Baretta
  • W. Admiraal
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 71)


When viewing the model results and comparing the five compartments one should realize that all differences in the outcome of the model between the compartments are caused by the differences in the abiotic environment in the compartments. The abiotic differences between compartments in their turn are caused partly by morphological differences (Chap. 2) which determine parameters such as immersion/emersion times of the tidal flats and the relative surfaces of the channels and the tidal flats. For another part the dissimilarity of the compartments is caused by the locations of the fresh water discharges and the seasonal distribution of the river flows. This determines the salinity distribution in the system, the nutrient concentrations and the consequences of waste water discharges.


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