Balloon-Expandable Intraarterial Stents: Effect of Antithrombotic Medication on Thrombus Formation

  • J. C. Palmaz
  • O. Garcia
  • D. T. Kopp
  • F. O. Tio
  • V. Ciaravino
  • R. A. Schatz
  • C. Rees
  • R. Alvarado
  • J. L. Lancaster
  • R. D. Borchert


Growing interest in the research of percutaneous intravascular metallic stents is evidenced by the rapidly increasing number of investigations on the subject [1–6]. Sigwart et al. [7] first demonstrated successful clinical use of intracoronary stents. However, recent reports indicate thrombosis of the stent after placement in 39% of the series by Puel et al. [8] and 11% in the series by Sigwart et al. [9]. This underscores the fact that thrombogenicity may be one of the most challenging problems for the safe use of intravascular stents.


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  • O. Garcia
  • D. T. Kopp
  • F. O. Tio
  • V. Ciaravino
  • R. A. Schatz
  • C. Rees
  • R. Alvarado
  • J. L. Lancaster
  • R. D. Borchert

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