The Signs and Causes of Ischuria

  • François Du Port


In the pair of disorders mentioned above the bitter fluid is not passed properly: still, it flows. Yet, when there is ischuria, it is suppressed: the cause of which is obstruction in the kidneys or bladder neck from inflammatory swelling or sticky pus or thick humour or clotted blood, or fleshy growth or mature stone that overwhelm with torment. The ureter and kidney are both full and distended and heavy, with pain in the loins, but without desire to micturate. The mind wavers, from time to time the dying limbs are seen to tremble, the nerves are stiff with cold. And if the urine is held up in the kidneys, the bladder is empty: if in the bladder, there is a painful swelling above the pubis: one constantly strives to urinate but the effort is in vain. A catheter withdraws much water from the peccant bladder, though this is not possible if it is the kidneys that are obstructed.


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