The Signs and Causes of the Aqueous Humour

  • François Du Port


When watery fluid is dominant, the complexion is florid or else there is ghastly pallor, and the hands and feet are swollen so as to pit with pressure of the finger just as happens with the disease called the hydrops. The abdomen swells intermittently and splashes with the fluid moving to and fro. The aqueous humour is excreted by the kidneys and passed raw by the bowel. The pulse is soft and slow, also small and rare and weak, and fluid moistens the pale skin. There is much sputum but without cough, the mind heavy and drowsy, and the excess phlegm makes for apathy. The cause of this ill is a hard or obstructed liver, or a spleen that is also feeble and obstructed or as scirrhous as the liver, or a perverse stomach unable to manage food that is cold or moist with excessive drinking, something that is likely to happen in old age. Should the customary sweat or watery flux from the bowel be arrested, or discharge of urine not be the response to drinking, the fluid wells up and there is hydrops.


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